SSI Dry Suit Diving


The SSI Dry Suit Diving Specialty Program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive while using a dry suit. You will learn the special requirements for dry suit diving, how to use your new equipment, the benefits of a dry suit, and how to deal with emergency situations that are unique to dry suit diving. You will earn the SSI Dry Suit Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.

Great dive experiences are not limited to tropical reefs or the warm and sunny summer months. With the proper exposure protection, you can make diving a year-round activity, and experience the amazing diversity of a kelp forest, explore freshwater lakes and rivers, or dive between two continental plates.

As with any new piece of equipment, safely diving with a dry suit requires additional training. You must understand what kind of dry suit and undergarments are best suited for your dive experience, how to operate new equipment like exhaust valves, and how to properly use and care for your new equipment.

The SSI Dry Suit Diving program teaches you the new skills needed to dive with a dry suit, and provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to properly use, maintain and store your new equipment. Our goal is to prepare you for your journey into colder waters, and to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Program Details:

  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
  • Academic Sessions: 6
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1 mandatory before Open Water Dive
  • Open Water Dives: 2
  • Maximum Training Depth: 30 meters / 100 feet (12-14 year-old: 18 meters / 60 feet)



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