SSI Scuba Diver


The SSI Scuba Diver Program is for students who do not have the time to complete the Open Water Diver program, and provides you with the training and experience required to dive in open water environments under the supervision of a dive professional. You will earn the SSI Scuba Diver certification, which can be upgraded to the SSI Open Water Diver certification with additional training

The Ultimate Dive Experience:

You are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life. Becoming a scuba diver is the first step on a journey that will change the way you experience the world forever, and gives you the ability to explore our last true frontier: the ocean.

The weightlessness of outer space is an experience limited to a few highly trained astronauts. As a diver, you will explore the wonders of a weightless underwater world, interact with incredible marine life, and discover wrecks and ecosystems hidden beneath the surface.

Course Standards and Procedures:

Your SSI Dive Center is part of an international SSI Family dedicated to the highest standards of safety and education. This family includes SSI Dive Professionals, SSI Dive Centers and Resorts, and divers like yourself. SSI has been an industry leader since its founding in 1970, and is constantly improving training materials and techniques to improve your personal safety and experience. You can visit any SSI Dive Center around the world and be confident that you will receive a high-quality diving education experience, focused on building and enhancing your comfort and confidence.

The SSI Training Process:

Your path to certification has three steps:

  1. Complete the Digital Learning materials found in this manual. These materials are self-paced, and you can complete them anywhere, anytime, once you download them to your SSI DiveSSI app.
  2. Complete the Academic Sessions, Pool/Conned Water Sessions and Open Water Training Dives with your SSI Dive Professional..

Certification Options:
To meet the needs of today’s divers, SSI created three pathways to become a certified diver, first Try Scuba, then Basic Diver, then Open Water Diver.

The Scuba Diver Program Consists Of:

  • Academic Session/Safety Briefing
  • Three Pool/Conned Water Session
  • Two Open Water Training Dives

The Scuba Diver program is a quick and easy introduction to the world of scuba diving. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in the underwater world, and can be completed in a very short time. After you finish your Scuba Diver experience, you will earn the FREE SSI Scuba Diver recognition card, which will be available on your MySSI app.

Program Details:

  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Certification Prerequisites: None
  • Academic Sessions: Online Program
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 3
  • Open Water Dives: 2
  • Maximum Training Depth: 12 meters / 40 feet
  • Suggested Duration: 10 – 16 hours

Each course must be completed within 6 months of the start date. After this period it must be paid and started all over again.



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